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Believe In The You That Believes In You by BlazeDriver
Believe In The You That Believes In You
As his universe's Eric has died and the evil quickly moves in for victory, a version of Jimmy loses all hope. Straining to crawl, he begins to think to just give up. Then he hears a familiar voice. 

A bunch of grown versions of him from alternate universes, who all had to go through a similar thing.

The original one (left side red one who's the lowest) who used a boomerange,

the version (V2, left side in the back) after that that wore a shirt,

the version (V3, right side, lowest ) after that that had a new color and used a spear,

the version (V4 right side, at the back)  after that that gain white fur like Eric,

the version (V5 at the center) after THAT that takes place in the reboot,

the Zak universe (left side at the front) version,

the Bonded universe (Right side at the front) version,

the Jot202 Fight Series (behind V3) version,

and Boom (behind V1) version.

"Are you...are you going to help me?"

"No! You have to get abused and beaten just like the rest of us have. But we're cheering for you!"

Fight series version designed by :iconjot202:

Bonded and Zek universe designed by :iconblazedriver:

Character(s) belong to :iconericthewhitelion:
Riley by BlazeDriver

Riley created by :icongreatkingboo: Owned by :iconfazzeagle: (I think)
Katrina Firefox Human Version by BlazeDriver
Katrina Firefox Human Version
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None of this has anything to do with the picture. 

Katrina Firefox belongs to :iconwickedzekrom:

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